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This remained the case until the middle of the same century, when the Propylaia was blown up while being used as a gunpowder store.Thirty years later, the Ottoman occupiers dismantled the neighbouring Temple of Athena Nike to use its materials to strengthen the fortification of the Acropolis.Situated in the shade of the rocks of Meteora, Dellas Boutique Hotel in Kastraki, Kalambaka is considered as an ideal destination for discerning travelers, who wish to enrich their experiences in a unique place.Our stylish hotel (Kastraki, Kalambaka) offers you elegant aesthetics; It is located in Kastraki village just next to Kalambaka town.Our exceptional tranquil location is combined with luxurious rooms and facilities.Our aim is to satisfy our guests and our staff makes every to ensure that you will have the most pleasant stay and receive perfect and confortable retreat after a long day sightseeing.Located on the hotel’s ground level and next to the beautiful gardens, the main restaurant serves a rich American buffet breakfast, and during the day you can enjoy a la carte lunch or dinner buffet with tastes from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.Our grand swimming pool is one of the hotel’s focal points and is the ideal place to relax throughout the day during the hot months.

In 1989, Melina Mercouri, who as Minister of Culture inextricably identified her policies with the claim for the return of the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum, initiated an international architectural competition.Getting to the monastires is not a couple of kilometres away. We checked in late and too tired to eat out so we had some ouzo and small snacks in the outdoor courtyard right next to one of the monolithic pillars that make up Meteora. The most fatal year, however, for the Acropolis, was 1687, when many of the building’s architectural members were blown into the air and fell in heaps around the Hill of the Acropolis, caused by a bomb from the Venetian forces.Foreign visitors to the Acropolis would search through the rubble and take fragments of the fallen sculptures as their souvenirs.

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