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A microchip is also inserted into the orangutan's neck so that it can be identified in the future.

On a chilly autumn morning in Freeport, a blue-collar town in Long Island, three huge motorcycles roar into a railway station car-park.

One of its officers arrives 20 minutes later bearing the appropriate paperwork.

Though only the police have the authority to seize the animal, if it is still alive, the smell is bad enough for Dave Simon of the ASPCA to try to gain emergency access.

Six more men arrive, including Batso – at 75 the oldest among them – who has a garland of barbed wire tattooed around his neck and cobwebs on his face.

These are members of Rescue Ink, a 10-man animal welfare team who have been rescuing dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other creatures in New York’s Tri-State region for the past two years.

After a few further phone calls, the landlord arrives with a set of keys.

Once inside, the team find a five-year-old French bulldog cowering in the corner of a bathroom next to a filthy lavatory.

Deforestation on the southeast Asian island has meant the orangutan, named Abun, has started to lose his home in the Sungai Putri Forest.

Mike Tattoo, a shaven-headed former bodybuilding champion, Big Ant, a 22-stone man mountain, and Joe Panz, an unlikely-looking part-time mortgage broker with a neck like the trunk of an oak, prop up their bikes and remove their helmets.

Two SUVs, one with a large dog cage inside, pull up.

The organisation works in collaboration with local conversation agencies in Indonesia, who are alerted to the location of orangutans in need of rescue.

A team of experts then gets sent to the location to access the situation, determining whether the animal can be relocated elsewhere in the forest, or else brought back to a rehabilitation centre run by the IAR.

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