Are dexter and deb dating in real life

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David Cameron during season 1, Michael finds himself in a long-term relationship with Ben Bruckner, an HIV-positive college professor, beginning in season 2; Michael and Ben eventually marry near the end of season 4.Originally from Hazlehurst, Mississippi, Emmett is the most flamboyant of the group.

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She carries her and Lindsay's second child, Jenny Rebecca, whose biological father is Michael.A talented artist, Justin briefly contemplates attending business school to appease his father but ultimately decides to attend art school to become a visual artist.He and Brian further their relationship over the five seasons eventually ending in a marriage proposal.From Season 2, he and Justin create the comic book Rage which was based on Brian as the character Rage, Justin as JT (Justin Taylor) who's Rage's lover/sidekick and Michael as Zephyr, Rage's best friend/sidekick.After a somewhat stormy relationship with older Dr.

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