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I have attempted multiple things to get this into the page and even started to just rewrite it as an web form, but even then I can't reuse any of the code since the System. currently we have forms connecting to the database created in visual basic. NET form Hi, I am using Visual Studio 2005 on Windows 2003 (64 bit) and have a very unusual problem and would appreciate any help.

these windows forms we need to convert into web forms which are asp compatible. Hi, because of the difference in nature between web and win applications you'll need to reimplement at least the UI part. Requirement - The Web application is part legacy part ASP part . I have a requirement to show a Cyrstal PDF report in a new browser window. NET form generates the Crystal PDF file and response.redirects to display the report in the new window.

Howdy All I've run into a problem with the Object Data Source.

DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO EITHER: Send a Business Object param with any number of other params ORRetrieve the Updated databound object from a formview (without databinding the formview with the same values, catching the event, checking if its an update/insert and then manually updating/inserting)Code for the ASPX page below.

If not do I need to hack the msi and if so can anybody suggest a suitable tool. In this case im looking to create a web and wap version of the same project. NET and C# and I am wondering how to create the mobile web form and incorporate it in the project. How to Make Web Forms from other Web Forms In putting together an ASP.

In the project folder, can I just add a mobile web??? Cheers -Dudach Yes, you can add mobile web forms and controls to your Web Application project. NET application for a biz application, we have come to the point where there are three different types of basic forms which have, for the most part, been perfected.

Now its is a matter of cloning those forms for various uses and modifying or adding code to suit the particular need.

Copy and paste works OK, but there is a lot of changing of certain words, etc. NET to take these basic forms, turn them into classes or templates, create forms from them, then add or overwrite code? (Anybody who is a Vis Fox Pro programmer would know imme...

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