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They rented their family home out for six months a year and spent that time in India, sometimes in one place, sometimes travelling.They loved the adventure, the cultural difference, and the warmth. Later came the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel about the pleasures (and traumas) experienced by a group of British pensioners on moving to India, a country that respects the elderly.

Read more Every visitor has experienced rides with a Tuk Tuk.“And I even save.” Amid the stories of the good life – maids, massages, tennis and swimming – I wondered if the retirees found something meaningful to do. He’s helping to run tours of Long Tan and Nui Dat with the income going to a Vietnamese children’s charity. In Sydney you hang around with the same people, the same age group, the same socio-economic group. Facing what they considered a frugal, boring life at home, some retirees have opted for adventure. Click ‘Subscribe for free’ to have it emailed to you.Some have started businesses, cafes or a consultancy or teach English. In the expat communities there’s a range from 20s to 70s, different professions, and everyone is reaching out to one another. They have book clubs and wine clubs and travel clubs….it’s much more social.” There’s a questionable side to aspects of the expat life: older Aussie men partnering up with local women 30 and 40 years younger, the slide to early morning drinking….. Quality health care can be particularly problematic. (Sell Up, Pack Up &Take Off is in bookstores on August 27) Does this retirement life appeal to you? Personally, I’m horrified by Sydney prices.” I first came across the phenomenon about eight years ago when retirement was far from my mind.I was on holidays in India and met a retired couple from England who told me how they made their modest pensions go further.

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