Dating a girl with an eating disorder

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She quickly learned the spots that got the most traffic and earned the most cash. People started hiring her to play at parties and other events.

She made friends with the titans of Silicon Valley, and she slowly started telling them about her illness, her story."I told him absolutely everything and that I was 30 pounds underweight," she said.

Recently, she opened up more about how she coped with the death of her mother and — for the first time — shared details about her struggle with disordered eating."I kind of was just like, 'I’m just going to be upfront with everyone,'" she says.

"I felt bad because I knew I was letting my mom down by doing everything that she wouldn’t have wanted me to do," she says.Jay, a model and music producer who was well known by the time they met, managed the duo during their two-year relationship, booking modeling jobs for both of them in exotic locations like Greece, Spain, and Hawaii.When the couple began filming You Tube lifestyle videos, like a highlight reel of their summer, which received more than 22 million views, the project forced Alexis to be on camera constantly and face her appearance. "The only sense of relief I had was to be able to monitor my eating and my workouts." The unpredictable travel schedule made it difficult for Alexis to find the foods she wanted to eat and maintain control over her increasingly strict diet.(Her mother had been a health nutritionist.)Alexis met Jay Alvarrez around the same time her eating issues developed.(They discovered each other on Tumblr and Jay asked out Alexis via Instagram.) Their relationship got serious quickly: "I tried to replace [my mom] with another person, which obviously doesn’t work out, especially when you’re young and you put your faith into a person who has different intentions," she says.

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