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The club and bar scene is going to vary wildly in between Ukrainian cities.

For example, Kiev tends to be pretty dead as far as nightlife goes.

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If you don’t bother to learn a few basic phrases, she’s going to lump you in with all of the horny and drunk Turkish tourists who are known (You can get a free trial of Rocket Russian, which is excellent, by clicking here.) This isn’t the United States with it’s last call at am, with closing time being am.

Failure to do so will likely result in you losing out on more opportunities than you could ever gain.

Just remember this, because it’ll be referenced several more times throughout this article.

You can expect them to put great effort into their appearance, attitude, and relationship with you. Ukrainian women do not Might as well get this out of the way now—no, not much.

There is not a lot of “casual, hookup sex” culture going on in Ukraine.

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