Dating the same guy twice

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Your realistic brain uptown tells you to let go but your love-struck heart eclipses all their wrongs and simply deludes you into holding on to the (idea of) the wonderful! One thing that stood out in my relationship was that I never realized who the person behind the masked figure really was.

Worry not, love can do that to the best of us but there are times when you’d have to do the tough thing and rip the blindfold and shred it into pieces! That inner voice inside you is RIGHT There was always a part of me that knew better yet I held on to the hope that he is going to change, that maybe somehow I can change him, my love can change him – sometimes, all we need is to pay heed to that sane voice inside us who only wants GOOD for us! I was dating him, alright but I never quite understood just how I could be so foolish as to never be able to see behind the facade. You start hating yourself You know you have to let go—you know this is not right for you—yet, you hold on.

But they say pain’s a great teacher and I guess I can vouch for that.

Having my heart broken by the same person twice taught me a few things I do not believe anything else would have been capable of.

He has it together, so you can focus on keeping yourself together instead of being the only true adult in the relationship.

It’s a given that the guy you’re dating probably loves your energy, and that you energize him.

Because of this, he’ll probably cheer you on while you focus on your own ambitions, writes Simcha.Here are a few invaluable lessons I took away from the experience: 1.Don’t push people away When your heart is broken, all you want to do is curl up into a micro-ball and die, you never want to come out of that deep, dark hole you have dug for yourself—and it is perfectly understandable.This makes you question yourself and makes you doubt your own concept of self-worth and self-respect.This is when you have to be strong and let go because you are damaging yourself this way; so, before you start to really hate and lose yourself, please let go.

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