Guide plus not updating Face to face video chat during masterbashon

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Sometimes the electronic equipment in your digital box might suffer from a data error.You might find that the channel or picture has ‘frozen’, your remote control might not work or function lights do not come on.Once RCA's engineering has pinpointed the problem they will follow up with the Station(s) to correct the issue.Their call centers in Canada and US are letting people know that RCA is still investigating this problem.It is possible your aerial has become damaged or corroded or been moved out of position slightly.Related content: Find an Installer getmedigital website. Often these problems can be fixed by simply resetting your equipment.To do this, switch off the power to your digital box and/or your TV at the wall and leave it for about 5 minutes.

Right now it is believed to have nothing to do with Gemstar's Interactive Program Guide (known as Guide Plus), but rather a broadcasted program or ad from a television station causing certain TV sets to go into SAP.In the meantime, the workaround is to unplug the TV. Please feel free to contact Thomson/RCA's support centers: In the US 580-634-0151, in Canada 800-522-0338 (English) or 800-522-0445 (French).------------------------------------- James Garver Media Relations Asst. Gemstar-TV Guide International email I sent to Gemstar, followed by their "official" response: My RCA Guide Plus feature has been non-functional for over three weeks. Number of information sources have indicated this is a Gemstar/Guide Plus problem and apparently involves some changes you have made/are making in your system.RCA already had engineering resources investigating this issue.Thomson/RCA has confirmed that this problem is *not* a Gemstar guide problem, but an issue with their TVs (including RCA TVs that do not have Guide Plus), probably triggered by a problematic signal from one or more television stations that started airing over the last couple of weeks.

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