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In November, two photos of a “Taylor Made M4″ driver were posted Instagram, and one of the photos indicated something called “Hammerhead” technology in the sole.

To add to his rough week, Mc Ilroy got bounced out of the top three for the first time in nearly two years. QUOTE OF THE WEEK"I've played golf for 40 years.

By the way, with DJ winning a major and moving to No. ”Caddyshack”: Thanks to this movie, I’ve grown up my entire life believing the Dalai Lama was a big hitter off to the tee -- but now it turns out to be a big lie. I have never nor have I ever seen anybody make a practice stroke that caused a ball to move.

That’s what a long week of watching the world’s best take on one of the world’s best courses from the couch can do to someone. That means Johnson gained nearly 10 shots on the field over four rounds with his tee shots. Difficult enough that you always got the sense it was a U. Open and yet easy enough in spots for there to be plenty of birdies and eagles to keep everyone happy. Players having DJ’s back: As the final round unfolded, Rory Mc Ilroy called it “amateur hour” and Jordan Spieth asked, “This a joke?

Let's just say I was Yes, the struggle with golf addiction is real, and so was the drama that unfolded at Oakmont. Oh, and he averaged 317 yard off the tee, including hitting one with a 328-yard CARRY after the USGA official talked to him on the 12th tee. It was a bit of a bummer to have to stay home and watch, but I think my boss had a feeling DJ would win and he was worried about potential Paulina-stalking charges. ” After, Tiger Woods even made a rare social media appearance to congratulate DJ and call the rules controversy a “farce.” These guys are good – at taking care of their own.

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