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Having the "No Previs" flag marked in a cell that actually has working Precom meshes will cause this. I had added some settings here you can use to get what you want without setting things up by yourself.

However, i want to specially note that these preset settings will not suit everyone, and the better way to configure this mod is to set your personal settings !!!

That includes Minutemen patrols around the player owned settlements and Minutemen/BOS/Railroad patrols in central Boston and Cambridge areas.

Minutemen settlement based patrols will become more numerous and expand their patrol area further from their base, based on settlement population and happiness, while chances to see Railroad and BOS groups will depend on story progression.

Each group will have leaders, strong, medium and weak mobs in it.

Larger groups will have much greater chance to have some strong units and legendary leaders.

This new additions brings up completely new experience since you will never know, when and where you will meet the enemy.

Your in-game situation can escalate in very unexpected and dramatic fashion, forcing you to react and do tactical decisions on the fly.

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You can use NMM to handle install process for you, or you can install the mod manually, using the following general method: This mod is resource intensive and extensively uses papyrus scripting.This problem is common to any mod that changes these, and is important to fix this up since you will probably be sprinting a lot.To fix sprinting bug, place the following entry in your Fallou4and Fallout4Custom.ini, located in /Documents/My Games/Fallout4 folder. If you are experiencing this issue still, it is because you have problems with a mod you have installed affecting the cell you experience it in.Commonly you will encounter some Forged, and DLC Raider-bots along with normal raiders, will encounter Triggermen in central Boston and so on.Mod uses new mechanics to generate story faction spawns.

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