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The manager replies to requests over We Chat with information in English along with accompanying photographs though the information is also available online for those who care to search it out.Red House Sauna is located inside of a large commercial building at 333 Zhaojiabing Road which is at the intersection with Xiaomuqiao Road.

Foreign customers who enter are greeted by a manager who asks if the can speak Chinese.

Whether or not customers send a message before showing up they must still seek out entrance when they arrive at the building.

For foreigners this means approaching the plainly clothed security guard who hangs around in the lobby and saying “sauna” or “Jimmy” which is supposedly the name of an English speaking manager but more likely a sort of code word that all staff members understand.

While I have had some information on mainland China for years I have not reported on it here.

One reason was that things can change from one day to the next and I am not well informed on the happenings there.

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