Mexico dating 2014

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-CHECKS- (CERTIFICATE OF INDEBTEDNESS): an order for payment of Money on demand, drawn on a banker, and expressed as being payable either to bearer or to (the order of) a named person.Checks can be post dated; it means that the payment will be in the next days that the invoice was delivery to the seller.Further calls covering the deep water oil and gas exploration blocks are likely to take place during the year.

Exports, mainly consisting of manufactured goods, as well as oil and gas, are expected to continue benefiting from favoured access to the North American market during the year.The deficit in services should remain widely steady, despite a slight boost to tourist revenues, whilst the income deficit (mostly because of the withdrawal of profits by multinationals) will remain high.The balance of transfers should improve thanks to the growth in remittances from workers in the United States.The possible imposition of a 35% tax on Mexican exports to the US market, as talked about by President-Elect Donald Trump, would be a serious threat to the competitiveness of the Mexican manufacturing industry, as almost 80% of its exports go there.In the meantime, private investment is likely to fall as domestic and foreign investors wait and see.

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