Mindfulness dating

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We are all designed to be in love and to be partnered.

My purpose of writing this book is to help women overcome these barriers What are the unconscious behaviours that can really change the route a relationship is taking, and maybe lead to a break-up or a troubled relationship?

In your opinion, what are some tips to learn to accept flaws while dating? Some people think when the right person comes along, no work is needed.

One of the first things that I take the reader through in my book is to understand yourself and get to know what works best for you, and also what doesn’t work. I liked that show , where people were put together based on how they looked on paper.

“I’ve proven myself to you, why do I need to keep doing this?

” There’s this person who is throwing a lot of these uncertain conversations or situations into the relationship. There’s that self-fulfilling prophecy, and you have proof.

What are your best ways for women to stay strong, assertive and open-minded while dating, both before and after they’ve found a great partner?

We want the other person to test us, but we’re not thinking “Oh, I want to test this”.

We had a chance to catch up with this relationship expert, and learned some tips about exploring the always-confusing and eternally intriguing dating scene. As much as I enjoy watching romantic comedies, that’s a big order on the shopping list!

For many single women, especially those who are in their thirties or forties and are looking for long-term relationships, looking for the “perfect guy” is a challenge. A lot of relationships can develop into that, but it takes a lot of work.

It’s new, it’s easy to get swept away, and think “oh, he didn’t really do that before.” We can all engage in these behaviours, so it is important to identify if it’s a pattern.

For example, there can be the black and white thinker, who has strong opinions on everything.

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