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Instead, campaign group Beat The Microbead recommends that you post the product back to the manufacturer, with a letter telling them why you're doing this and explaining that you won't purchase any other products from them until they've guaranteed that their products are microbead-free.Alternatively, experts suggest that the safest way to get rid of the product is to tighten its lid and simply put it in the rubbish bin.The editor-at-large of Saga magazine confessed that she had not made the link between ocean pollution and 'what I use on my face'.Greenpeace UK has also created a campaign to banish the microbeads which had gained 350,000 signatures last night –highlighting the public desire to cleanse our oceans of plastics. We cannot see through what Moby-Dick's creator Herman Melville called 'the ocean's skin'.

Albatross chicks, fed plastic debris by their unwitting parents, starve to death because their bellies are so full of the stuff, which they cannot digest.In some cases, juvenile fish have even been shown to prefer plastic to their natural food source.'The report presents evidence of microplastics appearing in seafood and while the effects on human health remain unclear, we argue that a prolonged industry-led phase out of microbeads simply isn't good enough.'As more and more research shows that microplastics can harm marine life and even end up on our dinner plates, a ban on microbeads is a simple way for Theresa May's Government to show that they take the effects of plastic pollution on marine life and human health seriously.'Don't pour them down the sink or flush them down the lavatory.As most microbeads are too tiny to be filtered out by sewage plants — the majority are between 0.001mm and 1mm in size — they'll just flow into our rivers and seas, fuelling the crisis.You may be able to teach your dog new tricks, but what about your fish?Well this talented baby Betta fish has been taught by its owner to jump through hoops.

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