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These simple, often geometric, marks have been frequently compared to some of the earliest known Chinese characters appearing on the oracle bones, and some have taken them to mean that the history of Chinese writing extends back over six millennia.

Is there any possibility that they are primitive writing? We simply possess no basis for saying that they were already being used to record language.or signs for other purposes such as identification is a highly controversial one, and the debate still continues today.Proponents of the view that they are early Chinese writing tend to see evidence in comparisons of individual signs with individual oracle bone script characters.Windows 8 Error 5Windows 8 Error 5 It is fairly intangible regrowth how registry influences on system speed.The registry is in order to keep configuration data of all the applications in pc.

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    It is related to issues of thought control, re-education, mind control, cults, Manchurian candidates, sociopathology, Stockholm Syndrome, conditioned reflex, Ivan Pavlov and Pavlov's Dogs.

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