Who is gloria allred dating

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She held a press conference, urging people to throw dance parties across the nation in support of Bono, vowing that she would dance with anyone who was transgender or transitioning toward it.

Extending the marriage franchise to same-sex couples amounted to one of the more significant expansions of civil liberties in California in decades, and although Proposition 8, the California Marriage Protection Act, negated the verdict in Allred’s case, the right has been upheld in Federal District Court and may ultimately be decided by the U. When a Fox News psychiatrist recommended that parents shield their children from watching Chaz Bono on last fall, Allred leaped on the moment with characteristic aplomb.

It was only a few hours ago that attorney Gloria Allred summoned these several dozen reporters, bloggers, and cameramen to the Milton Berle Room of the New York Friars Club, but in reality they’ve been waiting days and days for her to materialize.

A week has gone by since Politico reported allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain on its Web site.

Berle—a TV mainstay of Allred’s youth and reputedly once the best-hung man in Hollywood—sponsored Allred’s admission into the Beverly Hills Friars Club in the ’80s, overturning its men-only membership policy.

“For Milton,” Allred has said, “it was all about his penis.

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